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Gap Year Student Profiles:

Ben Sheppard - BA Hons Events Management, Sheffield Hallam University

Ben Sheppard   "My time at Teamlink has been a great experience giving me many challenges and new experiences along the way and is a placement that I would recommend to anyone that is considering applying. I have been given a huge amount of responsibility and you get the opportunity to make a contribution to the business. My responsibilities have seen me sourcing and organising match fixtures across Europe, North America and Australia as well being an active part of the sales team.

The highlight of my placement has been the significant involvement in the development of a new product and brand in the form of the new ‘Teamlink Sporting Experiences.’ This development involved creating relationships with some of the biggest names in world sport such as FC Barcelona, LA Galaxy, Fiorentina, LA Lakers & Orlando Magic.  Being involved in discussions with sporting franchises such as these was great as am I a bit of a sports nut and was something of personal interest. I was then involved in a small team that worked to get the relationships turned into marketable and sellable products and that was all capped off with the arrival of our Sporting Experiences brochure which as a very rewarding moment to see it all come to fruition. Working at Teamlink also provided me with some great opportunities to get out and about; during my short time here, I have been to Normandy twice, Palma (although I did have to run 13 miles for the privilege) and to Cardiff for an international rugby hospitality match.  I have also been able to take advantage of working for such a reputable travel company to get myself to Venice, Tallinn, Majorca and Barcelona (where I saw Barca lift the La Liga trophy back in May.)

My time at Teamlink has definitely developed my work based skills and I have learnt as much here as I have in two years at University. Great placement, great people, thanks to all at Teamlink."

Kieran Hollis - BA Hons Events Management, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK Centre for Events Management):

Kieran Hollis   "When applying for gap year placements I stumbled across Teamlink and applying for the Gap-Year placement has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over the past 12 months I have developed and learnt new skills to such levels, where I now feel I could walk into any professional working environment and excel.

One of the best things about working for Teamlink is the amount of responsibility you are given. Initially I worked in the Sales and Marketing team gaining valuable experience dealing with my own customers, before moving onto the operations team where I headed up European logistics & fixtures for the season.

Whilst at Teamlink I also earned several opportunities to travel, visiting France, Holland, Spain and Slovenia. Finally I represented the company in South Africa & Namibia for 3 weeks on one of Teamlink’s largest ever tours. This was a fantastic experience which has enhanced me as a person, my CV and can only hold me in good stead for the future."

Natalie Hulme - HND Events Management, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK Centre for Events Management):

Natalie Hulme  

"The Events Management course at Leeds Metropolitan University requires students to fulfil a placement year in industry. As I would like to eventually specialise in Sports Management I was keen to secure a placement which not only gave me an insight into the sports industry but also would provide the opportunity to gain a vast amount of experience in management of events. Teamlink has fitted these needs perfectly.

My role at Teamlink began by supporting the Sales and Marketing team and after 6 months experience I moved to the Operations Team. This has allowed me to gain skills and experiences in all areas of the business. Managing my own tour accounts has been challenging but personally rewarding and has developed my confidence for future roles once I finish at University.

I have had the opportunity to be actively involved in all aspects of two tours to France and also to Spain. The highlight of my year was undertaking a dedicated role of Event Manager focussing around the Wales v Fiji International Rugby match in November 2010, where over 100 Teamlink customers joined together for an evening of sporting entertainment to hear more about our Company and future tour opportunities."

Sarah Lake - Tourism Management, Sheffield Hallam University

Sarah Lake  

"When I was looking for a placement I wanted something that would not only benefit my University degree and future career but something that I had a keen interest in. As a sports fan and hockey player Teamlink Sports Tours ticked both of these boxes! Having not worked in an office environment before I was nervous and unsure of what to expect, but I was made to feel very welcome and part of a team right from the start.

My role at Teamlink was working within the Operations Department on short haul tours to southern Europe/Mediterranean arranging all aspects of team tours including accommodation, fixtures and excursions. I work closely on a daily basis with the Tour Leaders and suppliers to provide teams a successful sports tour. I was also lucky enough to work on events including the 2010 Malta Marathon and Strawberries Easter Hockey Tournament.

The experience I have gained from this role at Teamlink is so much more than I ever expected and I look forward to developing these skills into my final year at University."

Georgina Morgan - BA Hons Events Management, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK Centre for Events Management):

Georgina Morgan  

"My time at Teamlink Sport Tours has given me masses of valuable experience for me to take back to university and apply to my studies in Events Management. My position as Event Coordinator meant I was able to see each event through from start to finish and adopt a hands on role within the Events Team. The opportunities at Teamlink are endless and I even had the chance to expand my placement to work within the Marketing Department.

My duties and responsibilities changed throughout the year which meant I was never bored and I was challenged every day. I have no doubt that my time at Teamlink will help me to further education and I now have a clear idea on my intended career path. Teamlink is a young friendly company, and has given me the chance to work abroad in a fun yet hard working environment; I’d recommend it to anyone!"

Rebecca Gentle - Bsc Sport and Leisure Management, Loughborough University:

Becky Gentle


"My placement at Teamlink Sports Tours has definitely been a useful part of my learning process, and I think that I will re-enter University as a more confident and capable person. I have learnt a tremendous amount in my year in industry, not only about a working office environment, but also about the travel world. I also have a good understanding of working life, and my expectations for my final year of study have increased as a result of this

Teamlink provided me with a very valuable placement, which I am grateful for as it gave me the opportunity to explore the contribution of management in relation to my education. The fact that I worked for an SME was beneficial as I was able to gain an overview of how the whole business operates, rather than how one aspect of a larger corporation works. I certainly felt an integral part of the company. I also feel that it will stand me in good stead for my working career beyond University."

Rebecca returned to Teamlink Sports Tours in June 2011 upon completion of her degree (and subsequent travels in the southern hemisphere), landing the role as Operations Manager at our London office. 

Glenn McCormack – BBS Event Management, Dundalk Institute of Technology, IRELAND:

Glenn McCormack


"I applied for a position at Teamlink Sports Tours with an aim of achieving Event Management experience to be proud of, and that is exactly what I have gained through my placement. My involvement in almost all aspects of the organisation and management of CalellaFest this year has significantly developed my Event Management skills and abilities. I was given a wide range of responsibilities and duties which varied greatly throughout the year, and made the placement interesting.

Working for Teamlink also provided me with the opportunity to travel to other European destinations including France and Holland which has contributed to an overall positive experience. There is a great team in place here, and I look forward to hopefully working with them again in some capacity at CalellaFest 2010."

Mary-Ellen Diamond– BBS Event Management, Dundalk Institute of Technology, IRELAND:

Mary Ellen Diamond

  “Not only have I had the chance to work in the Events Division but I also had the opportunity to explore various skills of mine through working in the Operations Team. Being able to not only work on CalellaFest, a huge event, but also on the tailor made tours which I saw as individual “mini – events” coming from an Event background I thrived on this. Thanks to Teamlink Sports Tours for my wonderful experience and providing me with the chance to travel also!”

Jonathan Shaw - BA Business Management, Staffordshire University:

Jon<br />Shaw


"I have always had a passion to travel and sample different cultures. This, plus my love of sport, are the reasons I applied for the Gap Year Position at Teamlink. I primarily worked with junior school groups and given responsibilities and duties from dealing with clients to booking flights for large groups. Everyday is different and new challenges are taken on and overcome on a daily basis.

I have had the opportunity to visit Holland, France, Belgium and Italy and it was great to see tours that you have organised actually take place. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Teamlink Sports Tours and especially working within the junior groups; the team gave me excellent support and training."