REME Rugby: Texas Tour 2012

The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) proved  their dominance amongst fellow forces sides during the 2012 rugby season, topping out with victories against anyone that dared cross their path.  When momentum is riding high you have no choice but to surf the wave all the way through to your end of season tour.  And when you're a 31-strong party full of confidence there's only one place to let loose and throw it wide:  TEXAS!

The Lone Star State: wild at heart and oozing entertainment out of every pore.  San Antonio, Austin and Galveston threw up a challenge only to be blown away socially and over 80 minutes.  Heat?  What heat?  Texas is mild compared to Afghanistan so never underestimate a little off-season conditioning from Her Majesty's men: especially over her Jubilee weekend.  Could you imagine if word got through to the Queen's procession that REME had come unstuck against Austin Blacks?  Not a chance of that happening as all six sides that stood in REME's way were politely dismissed in scores that resembled a basketball offence sheet over the XV-man showpiece.

It's said that dressing a man in quality, branded rugby stash will add inches to his height.  REME oozed through Heathrow dressed to the nines with clear intent in their eyes.  Teamlink MD Mark Gardner, checking in the group, was left fielding questions from thirty-something check in staff (female) as the men in Teamlink-sponsored Nike red polo's melted into Departures.  The 12-day tour took in live baseball, tubing, Houston Space Center, line-dancing venues (yes, that was line-dancing) and one or two pubs as the procession moved from the touristic San Antonio through to the live music capital of the world: Austin.  Houston and Galveston hosted the tail end, including the customary End of Tour Dinner and Kangaroo Court (allegedly).  A quiet night was had by all.  

Here is what the guys themselves thought of the tour:

"If you are looking for the complete sports tour then you need go no where else as the service is excellent and they will help tailor your tour to the exact profile and package you are looking for. The service given by all the staff was very professional and understanding throughout the organising stages, which enabled us to achieve what could be described as the perfect tour experience to Texas for my boys in the REME Rugby. Many thanks to all involved from Teamlink".

REME Rugby, Texas, 2012

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