AGC Rugby: Romania Tour 2012

Check out the latest photos from AGC Rugby Club's recent tour to Romania.

Romania has offered the AGC Rugby Football Club everything and more that we would expect and require for a challenging and enjoyable tour.  Booking our tour through Teamlink has made for a smooth, hassle free experience and I would fully recommend their services to any future touring clubs. More direct post tour liaison may be required in order to ensure that the correct level of opposition is provided dependant on the level of touring clubs, however it is fair to say that Romania has rugby clubs with the ability to offer a great experience and opposition at any level.”

Cpt Allan Brown, AGC RUFC Secretary

Post Tour Report (PTR)

On the 26th of June 2012 armed with 25 players, 3 coaching staff and our very own Sales Manager Mike Rollason, AGC Rugby embarked on an epic tour to Bucharest and Constanta, Romania. This is their story...

On match day one the regiment got a surprise as they found themselves on the front lines battling against one of Romania’s top professional Rugby outfits, Dynamo Bucharest. The battle hardened AGC gritted their teeth and prepared for one of the toughest battles of their lives, on a Rugby pitch anyway. The home team attacked the AGC defence all guns blazing, racking up their first try and conversion within 3 minutes of kick off. However, AGC responded magnificently by out flanking their opponent and managed to cut the deficit to just one point. Unfortunately, the superior professionalism of Dynamo Bucharest shone through the rest of the game as they made full use of the artillery at their disposal eventually winning the game 76-5.

The Romanian enemy may have won the first battle but AGC were determined to win the second as they were spurred on by the loss in the first match. They found themselves face to face with another of Romania’s top Rugby outfits in the form of CFR Grivitia Rosie. The two teams went head to head in the blazing sunshine, matching each other’s efforts blow for blow. CFR Grivita Rosie used every trick in the book with the score at 17-22 to AGC, the Romanians came up with an innovative way to strip the ball from AGC, by ripping the second rows jersey off and proceeding to play on with the ball hidden inside the jersey. Despite all their trickery CFR Grivita Rosie eventually fell to the mighty AGC 22-25.

The final battle of the tour saw AGC succumbed to another formidable opponent in Farul Rugby Club. The team consisted of professional players from all over the globe and where proven to possess too much talent for the AGC team who literally put their bodies on the line from the cause, sacrificing their entire front row before the half.

The backdrop of Romania was idyllic for AGC Rugby’s tour as they enjoyed multiple excursions that are must sees for any military team touring the area. The highlight being a tour of a little known tribute to British and Commonwealth soldiers who lost their life in WW1 and WW2, a sombre but poignant landmark that is sure to resonate with any visitor. Consequent visits to Bran Castle, or as it is better known “Dracula’s Castle” is sure to keep any potential tourist on their toes with its fascinating history. AGC got some firsthand experience of Romanian democracy as they headed to Ceaușescu Palace, the world’s largest Civilian Building and home to the Romanian Parliament. This building has a very interesting history which is evident throughout and therefore offers an interesting alternative to the Houses Of Parliament.

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