Introducing Toolkit, our brand new digital tour management system!

  • 06-10-2016
    We are excited to introduce you to Toolkit, our new tour management system that will make organising your club or school tours much easier! Organising a sports tour can become a daunting experience, from having to finalise and chase money to completing risk assessments and collating dietary requirements - we understand it’s not easy and this is where Toolkit comes in. 
    Toolkit is the first digital trip management system that allows you to manage all of the important details in one place. With toolkit you can now receive one of our tour quotes with your very own interactive tour website on desktop, tablet and mobile devices allowing quotes to be shared easily with colleagues and parents.
    Toolkit can be personalised by tour managers with photo uploads and price amends to cover any extras such as tour kit or additional food costs. Not only does the toolkit allow tour managers to edit the site, parents are able to enter their child’s details using the built-in forms. 
    Toolkit allows a direct line of communication with parents keeping them up to date with any new tour developments, including payment deadlines. Tour managers will also be able to share the workload by adding new users to the admin using the multi-user function. 
    All of the data entered is safely stored under the two-stage verification process meaning parents can securely upload all personal information using the built-in webforms available. 
    Bring all tour elements together, Toolkit manages the workload for you leaving tour managers more time to focus on their day job! 
    Watch our YouTube video on our new toolkit HERE
    Toolkit's functionality
    • Save you time and effort
    • Data securely stored under two-stage verification process
    • Cut down on paperwork
    • All of your administration in on place
    • Passport details and dietary requirements can be uploaded by parents
    • File medical history
    • Multiple access for tour organisers
    • Keep track of payment deadlines
    • Track payments and progress of participants