AGC Football Tour (Women)

  • 10-09-2012

    AGC women's football head off to Lisbon...

    We at Teamlink Sports Tours are happy to declare that we will be the official tour operator for the AGC women’s football team who hope to emulate the success of Teamlink alumni AGC Rugby and AGC Basketball teams on their tours to Romania and Chicago. The AGC women are undertaking a 9 day tour to Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is known for its beautiful cobbled streets, culture and architecture whilst still offering a vibrant nightlife in Biarro Alto which is situated in the heart of the capital.

    Furthermore Lisbon is thriving with military heritage throughout the city as shown in the Museu Militar. This is home to the largest display of artillery with artifacts from as early as the 14th century and an exhibit dedicated to the discovery of the sea route to India. Whilst on tour the AGC football team will enjoy the advanced facilities of Jamor Sports Centre and the Sporting Lisbon Academy

    Whilst at Sporting Lisbon the AGC team will have their skills put to the test by Sporting Lisbon’s very own coaches during professional training sessions. The AGC goalkeepers will also have an opportunity to utilize Sporting Lisbon’s facilities and coaches during their own goalkeeping training session. The AGC football team will be playing local Portuguese sides such as Grupo Desportivo Estoril Praia and Sociedade União 1º Dezembro. Further to this the AGC football team can look forward to dolphin watching, shopping at the Colombo Mall and surfing on the coast.

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