Royal Artillery FC - Ajax - Ikamva, South Africa Tour

  • 18-10-2012

    The Gunners FC train with professionals at Ajax Cape Town...

    The Royal Artillery FC trained at Ikamva with the Ajax staff whilst on their sports tour to South Africa. This was their first training session whilst on their pre-season tour; the Gunners FC utilized the training in their first match, against Cape Town All Stars FC, when they claimed a 3-1 victory. 

    The Royal Artillery sees sport as a great way to improve their tactical and leadership skills. The Gunners FC are honing in their skills to ensure that they are the winning side in the upcoming Inter Battery League and take the time to bond with their team mates very seriously. With the Royal Artillery's viewpoint being: “The spirit that bonds you and your team mates is as important on the field of play as it is on the field of battle.”

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