Royal Academy Sandhurst rugby tour to the USA...

  • 19-02-2013

    The Academy take on the 'Big Apple' & Boston...

    We are proud to announce that Royal Military Academy Sandhurst have chosen us to be the official tour operator of their 2013 rugby tour to the USA. The women's team will not be joining the men's team on this tour, unlike their previous rugby tour to California (San Francisco & San Diego) in 2009.  

    Four years on and the team are taking on the opposite coast of America as they tour east coast powerhouses Boston and New York in April. Following in the footsteps of numerous other Army teams they will take in the usual but spectacular tourism sights of New York including the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, Times Square and the Empire State Building. In stark contrast to the urban sprawl of New York, Boston will offer a much more relaxed but just as vibrant atmosphere. Steeped in military history the team will find out about their trans-Atlantic historic counterparts on Boston's fascinating 'Freedom Trail'. Strategically laid bricks guide bright-eyed tourists around the city to 16 historical sites which tell the tale of how the area influenced the emergence of the United States of America through the formulation of the American Revolution.

    The team will be staying at America's most prestigious and highly rated not Harvard, but the United States Military Academy West-Point. This impressive school is home to America's top cadets who  have a unique take on the class-room. Simulated battlefields are scattered in the surrounding area, the cadets spend their college career navigating the woods in prepararation for real-life battle situations.

    The team will also be in Boston over the Boston Marathon weekend. As the world's biggest marathon the city is sure to bursting with excitement and the team can expect a carnival atmosphere to engulf the area.

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