Wellington School Rugby: Italy, 2012

  • 05-09-2012

    Wellington School Rugby return home from Italy...


    The lads from Wellington School Rugby woke early in mid-august as their alarms went off at 3:45am to make sure they made it to school on time to embark on their sports tour to Italy.

    Now fresh faced with kit in hand the team checked in to Edinburgh airport and headed to Venice. As they arrived in Venice they jumped on their luxury chartered coach and made their way to Sappada, this journey took them through the Dolomites where they enjoyed spectacular views of the Italian mountain range.

    Upon on arrival at their hotel the team tucked in to a hearty meal in preparation for their first training session of their sports tour to Italy. Fuelled up on Bolognese and Spaghetti they had a great training session which honed their fast paced passing skills and taught them how to recycle the ball.

    During day 2 the lads acclimated to the Mediterranean climate with an intense training session focusing on decision making and attack. With the weather at a steady 24 degrees hydration was essential. This gave the team a real taste of what it takes to train hard in this toasty climate. An opportunity to sample the hotel swimming pool was a welcomed activity, as the team burned the rest of their energy racing each other in the swimming pool. Physically exhausted they took part in a bit of mental gymnastics as they enjoyed a quiz in the evening.

    The group departed for Venice and enjoyed some sightseeing around this uniquely picturesque city. Travelling in style using their own private boat. To the lads surprise they were staying in the same hotel as Saracens RFC in Treviso. The pro-outfit kindly took pictures with the group and donated a signed shirt to the team.

    Day 4 saw the lads enjoy one of the more popular excursions on sports tours to Italy, Lido De Jesolo Beach. The lads honed their skills on the beach in preparation for the first fixture of their sports tour to Italy. Playing in the shadow of Treviso RFC’s stadium Wellington came across stern opposition with an air tight defence. The feisty Italians ultimately proved too much for Wellington but the team left the pitch with their heads held high after a toughly fought game. Post game they enjoyed hospitality with their day’s opposition.

    Unfortunately the next day saw the end of Wellington’s sports tour to Italy. With a few well earned aches and pains the team packed their bags and headed home in great condition to face the 2012/2013 season.

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