Sample Miami and Orlando Itinerary



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The Itinerary below takes in the best that Miami and Orlando has to offer.

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Miami has two personalities; the first is the laid back uber-cool persona that can be seen during the day whilst coasting through the Everglades on a fan boat. The second is the crazed party animal persona that comes alive at night, mainly in the South Beach area where thousands of party goers flock to every year to see the best DJs in the world play in Miami's super clubs. Miami has been host to some of America’s most successful and infamous sporting teams, Orange blood runs through every proud Miamian as it is the staple colour of all their major sporting teams, including the NBA’s current champions the Miami Heat and the NFL’s Miami Dolphins.

Orlando, one of the top destinations in the world offers something for everything. Whether its Disney's Magical Kindom, or the plethora of bars and nightlife this resort truly caters for all. With a host of sporting teams in the region a sports tour to Orlando ticks all the boxes.

Sample Miami Itinerary

Your Sports Tour to Miami starts as you pack the shades, and alligator repellent, then head to the airport for your flight to Miami. When you touchdown in Miami you will catch a transfer to your accommodation and will have the evening free to get rid of your jet lag.
Sample Miami Itinerary   DAY TWO
Hit the streets and soak in the party atmosphere of Miami. The beach is the perfect spot to do a bit of people watching and get a real snapshot of everyday Miami life. Or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous take part in an array of sporting and recreational excursions. You can get your feet wet, and a lot more, with some water sports, or show off your skills in a game of volleyball with the locals.

San Diego and Los Angeles Itinerary   DAY THREE
Its game day! Strap up your boots, or cleats, as our American friends would call them and get ready for an intense battle with some local opposition. Don’t be fooled when they turn up on their in-line rollerblades, this is a city who knows how to play sport. After the match enjoy some hospitality with your host team, and get better acquainted with their cheerleaders.

Sample Miami Itinerary   DAY FOUR
Experience the Everglades! Ever fancied taking a ride in a alligator infested swamp on a boat powered by a household appliance? Of course you have, a ride on a fan boat is a must when visiting the Miami area, the picturesque views and the whirr of the giant fan behind you go hand in hand. The photos from this excursion will take pride of place in any photo album. P.s. Don’t forget the alligator repellent.

Day six is South Beach day! The party atmosphere in this part of Miami is unrivalled, just ask Will Smith, he liked it that much he wrote a song about it. Spend the day working on your tan and hitting the shops to make sure you look your best for one of the best nights of your life. Then hit South Beach’s infamous club scene and party the night away until the sun comes up.
Go and watch one of the pro-athletes you made friends with in the VIP the night before at one of Miami’s many world class sporting venues. Depending on the season you could watch the world champions Miami Heat shoot some hoops in the NBA or catch the Miami Dolphins and The U Hurricanes (Miami College) play some pigskin at the Orange Bowl.
Early morning departure to Orlando. You will have a free day to take in any theme parks that you wish to visit, whether it’s Disney, Universal or Sea World, Orlando has something for everyone.
AM:  Match 2 vs local opposition
PM:  Visit Downtown Disney
AM:  Spend the morning in downtown Orlando, taking in the sights and some last minute shopping at the local mall.
PM:  You will transfer by coach to the airport for your overnight flight back to to the UK
Home time! Unfortunately day nine marks the end of your Sports Tour to Miami & Orlando as you arrive back in the UK

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