Sample New Orleans Itinerary


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The Itinerary below takes in the best that New Orleans has to offer your sports tour from the Bayou, Bourbon Street and everything in between.


The word vibrant is used a lot when describing a city, New Orleans is the reason that word was invented... (true story). New Orleans oozes cool, as the home of Jazz music and Voodoo, this city is unlike any other on the planet. The city’s spirit and soul shines through as soon as you step off the plane, and a lot of this soul can be seen in their fanatical enthusiasm for sport which is reflected in the warm hospitality they offer to sporting teams.


Sample New Orleans Itinerary  

Head to the airport and prepare to touch down in Louisiana. Your sports tour to New Orleans begins with a transfer from the airport to your accommodation. After check in you have the evening free to try and cure your jet lag or get acquainted with the local area.

Sample New Orleans Itinerary  

It's game day! Pit your wits against the local opposition as your sports tour to New Orleans kicks off. Don't forget to watch out for the opposition coach sticking pins into a little doll that looks eerily similar to you! After the game, if you haven't come down with a mysterious illness, you will chow down with your hosts and talk all things "NOLA".

Sample New Orleans Itinerary  

Time to take in everything New Orleans has to offer. Head down to the "French Quarter" and put a bit of "Va Va Voom" into your day with a walk/crawl down Bourbon Street, infamous for its world class bars and restaurants. Or sample the local history with a paranormal tour guided by your very own smart phone.


Head down to the Superdome and catch the city's favourite team the New Orleans Saints, put on a show in the NFL. Or take your seat courtside at the New Orleans Arena and watch the Hornets shoot some hoops in the NBA.


Game day part "deux", as they would say in the French Quarter. Time to take on another New Orleans team and show them who is boss. Hospitality will be provided post game where you can gloat about your victory earlier in the day.

Sample New Orleans Itinerary  

Heal the war wounds from the previous day's fixture with an action packed boat trip down the "Bayou". Getting up close and personal with the local wildlife, including: man-eating alligators, deadly snakes and the most fearsome animal in the world...the swamp deer! The array of wildlife, plant life and exotic scenery will have you entertained from the moment you set sail to the moment you dock.


Game day part 3. Inspired by the dog eat dog nature of the Bayou, you got acquainted with the previous day, don the eye of the Tiger (or swamp deer) and inspire your team to victory on the last fixture of your Sports Tour to New Orleans. Post match, you can wow the opposition with your knowledge of the local wildlife.

Sample New Orleans Itinerary  

With the dates as erratic as the fancy dress at Mardi Gras it is tough to catch this one of a kind festival. If you are lucky enough to be around during Mardi Gras you must check out the manic costumes and beat driven music associated with the world renowned festival. Don't despair if you are not in the area during Mardi Gras, you can take a tour of the famous Mardi Gras museum all year round, giving you a little taste of the Mardi Gras madness.


Home time! Unfortunately day nine of your Sports Tour to New Orleans will see you depart this epic city, on the bright side everybody who visits New Orleans takes a little bit of "The Big Easy" back with them. 


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