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Cricket is second only to Rugby as a popular touring sport and, much like the oval ball game, is played all over the world - with its hotspots for touring.

When looking at long haul tours Australia and New Zealand stand out as the almost cricket nirvana with great facilities and, as you would expect, a competitive spirit for every game you play. If you are looking for both a cricket tour and a cultural journey then don’t stray too far from either DubaiIndiaSri Lanka or the Caribbean where cricket is a way of life and a religion to those that play.  Expect tough games and varying conditions.

If you are seeking destinations on your doorstep then you may be surprised about the amount of cricket tours now available in Europe. Mallorca is one of our more popular destinations where cricket is played year round. So whether it is a pre-season camp or a post season jolly, Mallorca is the perfect destination.

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