Rugby tours

Touring with your rugby team is the highlight of any rugby season and it will forge some of the best friendships and memories of your life.

One thing worth considering is the rules of play, as any discerning rugby fan knows rules change with the wind and it’s an effort to keep on top of it in your own country let alone the governing bodies around the world.

Rules can also vary for age groups and what about the different seasons, arghh! So what to do? Easy, just speak to Teamlink Sports Tours - we are on top of it and can tell you everything you need to know about your next rugby tour. 

Please note that for junior rugby teams touring in Europe, playing age categories operate on a different system to those used in the UK: Where UK teams use academic years to define a child’s age category (birthdays between the 1st September and 31st August), continental rules follow the calendar year (birthdays between 1st January – 31st December).

When touring abroad your team will be expected to abide by the rules of the hosting Union, which may mean that you have to play up an age category. Where possible Teamlink Sports Tours will negotiate for you to play your fixtures within your own preferred age group.


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