Italy and Slovenia: Twin Country Tour 


Twin-Country Sports Tour featuring Maribor, Ljubljana and Venice

Map   Slovenia is often referred to as the undiscovered gem of Europe and a destination that Teamlink staff thoroughly enjoy when escorting our school groups! Its capital city, Ljubljana, sits poised only 30 minutes from the Julian Alps, perfect for an afternoon’s skiing if your tour falls over the Easter period.

Your tour begins in the mountains of Pohorje, a few miles south of Slovenia’s second city, Maribor. The ski-lodge accommodation doubles as a superb summer resort nestled amongst dozens of running tracks, most of which lead to the hugely popular High Ropes Course at the foot of the mountain – perfect for team building activities and led by excellent bilingual activity staff.

The fresh mountain air and wonderful cuisine lay the foundation for onward travel to Ljubljana where its windy, cobbled streets and mountain-side castle peer down on the tourists and locals wandering amongst the capital. Dine out a group in riverside restaurants and experience a safe and enjoyable atmosphere in a city where your Pound goes a long, long way.

Slovenia   Transfer to Italy via the Postojne Caves to experience Slovenia’s biggest cave complex and most popular tourist attraction. After lunch continue across the border and onwards to Lido di Jesolo, one of northern Italy’s most popular resorts. Your beachfront accommodation allows you the freedom of the sand for the latter part of your trip, interspersed with an excursion to Venice to experience the wonders of St. Mark’s Square and the surrounding canal ways.

If you’re looking for an innovative, refreshing tour then look no further: Slovenia and Italy has it all to offer at extremely competitive prices.

Italy and Slovenia Factfile


  • High ropes activity day
  • Weather (late 20's in summer)
  • Option of playing one of your games in Croatia
  • Low cost of living
  • Safe and friendly resorts
  • Unique, once-in-a-lifetime destinations

Touring Periods

April – July: Teamlink’s most popular tour sees boys’ rugby teams combine with girls’ hockey at the end of the summer term to provide a cost-effective alternative to a long haul trip. Extensions to the package to include Croatia are able upon request.

Sports Available

  • Boys’ RUGBY (U14-18)
  • Boys’ and girls’ FOOTBALL (U12-18)
  • Girls’ HOCKEY (U16-18)
  • Boys’ and girls’ BASKETBALL (U12-18)

Silver and Bronze accommodations available, covering a variety of meal plans suitable to your touring team.