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With the most diverse landscape in the world, South America offers a wealth of possibilities for touring teams. Icy glaciers in the south, the majestic Andes mountain range and the plains of the Pampas, the lush rain forests of the north; the continent has a variety of backdrops for an unforgettable touring experience.

Sports Tours to Argentina
Sport, and particularly football, plays a very important part in the lives of South Americans. For the male offspring of poorer families, soccer is seen as a viable option to escape poverty. From Di Stefano to Robinho, the European leagues have welcomed footballers from Latin America, offering a salary and lifestyle that would be unthinkable in their home countries. South America is rabid for the round ball game and a nation’s mood can be dictated by the form of its football team.

Rugby has long enjoyed a popular following and while the world at large will be most familiar with Argentina’s national team, the Pumas, Uruguay and Chile are also firm followers of the oval ball. Hockey also enjoys significant exposure in South America and is Argentina’s most popular sport for women.

Sample Argentina Excursions



South America Sports Tours


Parque de la Costa
A popular theme park with attractions for all ages, including some of the largest roller coasters in Argentina. This is the perfect excursion to let your hair down and release the child within before you put your game head on for your tour fixtures.  
South America Sports Tours  

Feria de Mataderas
Taking place in the Buenos Aires’ Mataderos barrio, this amazing event is a celebration of rural life in Argentina. Folk dancing, traditional crafts and regional food dominate the day until the conclusion; a display of stunning horseback gaucho skills. So get involved-I'm sure the locals would love to see an English football team attempt the traditional folk dances.

South America Sports Tours  

Iguazu National Park
A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984, this sprawling subtropical forest is a celebration in biodiversity. Over 2,000 species of plant, 465 kinds of bird and big cats, including endangered jaguars and ocelots, call the grounds home.

South America Sports Tours  

Ecological Train & Catwalks
The only way to see the full glory of Igauzu Falls. The gas powered Ecological Train navigates the forest, dropping off at various walkways while a network of modern, secure catwalks allows visitors to appreciate the majesty of the falls at close quarters

South America Sports Tours  

National Flag Memorial
This tribute to Manuel Belgrano, the creator of the national flag, is truly monumental. Made from Andes stone and covering 10,000 metres square, the National Flag Memorial comprises three separate structures of imposing architectural beauty. Definately a sight to see in your spare time on tour.

South America Sports Tours  

Parana River Kayaking
As one of the longest, fastest flowing rivers in the world, the only way to fully experience the Parana is on the water. If you still have the energy after your fixtures. Explore the sandy beaches and leafy islands that dot the bends and straights.


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