Tour Fixtures

Teamlink can arrange sports tours and matches for ALL major team sports for junior, school, university, adult, vets and military sporting sides. Visit our Worldwide Sports Tours section to 'search by sport' for your perfect destination.

Whilst your destination, hotel and transport are all important components, tour is really all about your sporting fixtures. Whether it's a six match tour or a two-day tournament, it's vital to plan your trip around your fixtures and make the most of the time you have together as team on the field of play.

Here are few things to consider when planning your next sports tour:

How many fixtures should you play?

That is entirely up to you and your team. Think about the reasons for your tour and determine your priorities - if your trip is more about the social side then maybe one fixture will suffice. On the other hand, if your team want to experience as much sporting action as possible we have a variety of Tournaments to choose from. The duration of your tour will also determine how many fixtures are possible.

How do we get the standard right for you?

Tell us what you need! Based on your requirements, Teamlink coordinate matches against local opposition appropriate to your group’s age and playing level.

Please note that for junior teams touring in Europe, playing age categories operate on a different system to those used in the UK. Where UK teams use academic years to define a child’s age category (birthdays between the 1st September and 31st August), continental rules follow the calendar year (birthdays between 1st January – 31st December). When touring abroad your team will be expected to abide by the rules of the hosting Union, which may mean that you have to play up an age category in a tournament or against a local outfit. Where possible, Teamlink Sports Tours will negotiate for you to play your fixtures within your own preferred age group. If you have any questions about the specific rules in your chosen tour destination please contact one of our Sales team who will be happy to advise you before you book.

What about referees and officials?

All referees/umpires are supplied as part of your tour package with Teamlink.  We work in conjunction with your hosting club to ensure that a qualified official controls each fixture.  In certain disciplines, each team may be asked to provide support to referees/officials when the rules of play dictate that a second or third umpire is required.  Examples of this include rugby (touch judges), football (linesman - know referred to as 'referee's assistant') and netball.

Are the rules the same?

That depends upon the sport.  Football, rugby, cricket, basketball and hockey all obey to their international governing bodies' rulings.  However, certain disciplines (especially rugby in Europe), operate different age groupings that follow the calendar year as opposed to the UK's school year.

An example of this occurs in rugby in Italy where teams play in bi-annual age groups (U13/15/17/19).  France, Portugal and Spain all follow suit and thus this can create an imbalance should your team be in between these age categories when visiting foreign shores.  In this instance the rules of the hosting country stand firm and visiting teams must adapt accordingly.  Generally speaking, UK junior teams are stronger than international European opposition and playing up an age group often instills a more competitive edge to a fixture.  In all such situations we strive to find the right balance between club and client to allow a fixture to take place with a balanced age category.  Flexibility is needed from both sides and we appreciate your support in such situations.

What equipment will you need?

This really depends on your sport.  We encourage teams to travel with kit used to compete in a fixture at home and not to rely on opposition for assistance in this area.  If you have any specific requests we will endeavour to assist you wherever possible.

What about the post match / social aspect?

Out of tradition, most clubs entertain their visitors after the game and provide a snack for the players involved in the fixture. 

What about permission to tour?

Certain governing bodies require you to obtain permission prior to travelling overseas.  Follow the links below to download the relevant forms for your discipline.  Please note that it is the touring club's responsibility to compete all necessary documentation and not that of Teamlink Sports Tours.

Useful links for planning your tour: