Tour Insurance

An essential part of organising a sports tour at home or overseas is to arrange adequate Sports and Travel Insurance for your tour members. This is especially important when the main purpose of your trip is to play some sort of contact sport.

Teamlink are an Appointed Representative of Endsleigh Travel Insurance Services Limited, (FSA reference 307304) and therefore we can offer you wide travel insurance specifically designed for sports tours for both adult and junior/school tour groups. Our policy has been designed to match most LEA's requirements and those of sporting bodies such as the RFU.

  Up to 5 Days Up to 10 Days Up to 17 Days Up to 21 Days Up to 31 Days Extra Week
U18 £7.00 £10.00 £16.00     £3.00
18+ £9.00 £13.00 £21.00     £4.00
U18   £21.00 £32.00 £39.00 £46.00  
18+   £27.00 £42.00 £52.00 £61.00  
U18   £23.00 £34.00 £41.00 £47.00  
18+   £31.00 £45.00 £54.00 £62.00  


- Valid for policies issued between 1st November 2013 and 30th November 2014
- Upgrade to Grade 4 WWR +35% for Grade 7 +70% on net
- UK rates available on request
- Infants Under 2 on date of travel = free of charge
- For details on cover please refer to policy Document
- SKI-ING - Cover on request only
- *Minis Festivals in the UK - rates apply for up to & including 7 days
- No Minimum Numbers but if Party Leader not insured through same policy and falls ill and group has to cancel as a result, cancellation cover unlikely to apply

PLEASE NOTE - For Groups wishing to have cover for White Water Rafting and Ski-ing, Endsleigh Travel must be advised in advance:- Name of group / age group / destination(s) / numbers / description of all activities taking place on the tour inc which sport(s) they are playing

The Fine Print

Teamlink are an Appointed Representative of Endsleigh Travel Insurance Services Limited and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). A full copy of the policy wording, together with the key facts, providing the terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurance should be read prior to booking your trip or buying the insurance. If the cover does not meet your needs, alternative cover should be purchased immediately. If you purchase the insurance you will receive a copy of the full policy wording and key facts with your confirmation invoice. As with most insurances, you are only covered for an event which occurs after the cover has been purchased. Please therefore carefully read the paragraph headed Pre-existing Health Conditions below. Cancellation of this insurance with a full refund of premium is allowed within 14 days of booking if the cover does not meet your needs provided you have not travelled or made or intend to make a claim.

Pre-existing Health Conditions

If you, or any other person on whom the travel plans depend (this includes persons travelling, and close relatives or close business associate not travelling but on whom the travel plans depend), has ever had treatment for any heart or circulatory condition, a stroke or high blood pressure, any breathing condition (including asthma), any type of cancer, any type of diabetes, any existing injury or other serious or re-occurring medical condition, any condition requiring long term prescribed medication or if you are receiving or awaiting investigation for any medical condition you must the Referral Helpline (0800 121 6560 quoting Teamlink) as per the policy terms to see if additional cover is available. This includes any change in health or ongoing medication arising between the date of issue of this cover, and the date of travel. Insurers reserve the right to impose terms. You will receive confirmation in writing of their decision. In most cases, cover is provided at no extra cost. If special terms are necessary, these will be explained to you and confirmed in writing.

Insurance Document Downloads

Insurance Policy Wording

Tour Leader Insurance letter

If you have already booked your tour it's never to late too add Tour Insurance to your package please contact our Operations Team on:

t: 020 361 77982

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